We are here to assist your Org to Revise, Prioritise & Improve Workforce Safety (Situational -Awareness) Protecting People; Critical Infrastructure; Information – Resources & Whole-of-Business Interests (Asset) Security. “How Agile, Robust or Up-to-date are your, Policies, Methods of Practise, Processors, Systems & Procedures” ?!


We @ NG8.ORG are adept practitioners highly discrete + multi-skilled, (licensed) proven operatives – able to assist Critical Incident, Emergency Management, Tactical, Operational & Strategic – Admin. / HRM & ISM Taskings plus Safety, Security and Risk Reviews inclusive; deliver Situational Awareness Training (Plan & Co-ord : Minerva Exercises / Sim-Op’s) with extra specilisation in Overt & Covert Surveillance + Investigative Support.